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December 9, 2006

A New Participant in This Forum

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I’m Jonathan Lundqvist – and I’m honored to have been invited to participate in this forum. First let me introduce myself!

Currently I’m finishing up my masters thesis on Iranian blogs and their relationship to the civil society in general and democratization in particular. I was given the opportunity to fund a research trip, by a generous grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, to Iran where I spent six weeks around April 2006. My material is mainly lengthy interviews with bloggers that I met during my stay, and I’ve spent most of my time since analyzing them and working on completing the thesis.

I’m particularly interested in what Jordan touched in his previous post about blogging for political mobilization, and a preliminary result of my findings support his theory that bloggers are more likely to change the information landscape rather than create a revolution over night. This more realistic view is – to me – perhaps even preferable to revolutionary change, since it would give democracy a chance of developing within the community itself and thus, hopefully, create institutions that are able to maintain a more solid version of democracy. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself – I look forward to giving you more solid results as they progress.

Normally, I blog on j|turn where I’ve written some posts on Iran and other things on the global public sphere. Again, I’m happy to take part in this attempt to bring some people with similar interests together, and I hope I can contribute to the community.

(To the admin: I took the liberty to create an author for myself in the WordPress-system, to avoid over using the admin-account.)



  1. Welcome, Jonathan. Again – great to learn of another researcher interested in similar subject matter. I’ve perused your blog and have realized there is a wealth of very pertinent information that you can probably share with us. I look forward to hearing more about your findings as they coalesce, as well as discussing the sort of insightful analyses you’ve recently posted on your own blog.

    Comment by Jordan — December 9, 2006 @ 6:25 pm

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