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March 26, 2007

Medical Research Exchange with Iran

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This image is from the moment when I launched a new site called Iran Medical Research Connect.
Right now it is hosted on

Iran Medical Research Connect is a community building web portal that will connect medical professionals from Iran and around the world.

The intention is to help medical educators, professionals, and researchers to share papers, learn about projects and events, and to connect with Iranian and non-Iranian medical professionals from around the world.

It is a user-test, which i developed because a number of doctors and researchers that I know in the medical field are working with Iran, and were interested in having a place to come together, connect, and exchange information and ideas. I want to see how different tools can facilitate cross-cultural exchange projects. You can read more about my thoughts as i update them in my thesis site.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please email me at
and I will then send you an invitation. Once you join, you can add other members as well!

I am planning on making a site that could be for medical researchers, one for artists and filmmakers, but all dealing with getting people to connect on a grassroots level, with little or no government intervention.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks,


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